I don’t like to use the term human condition to describe my work due to its clichéd connotations, but I can’t escape the fact that my work heavily revolves around it.

The foundation for my work tends to come from personal events and experiences which are processed and stripped down to basic components. This allows the work to become less about me and more about the importance of a possible emotional relatability with the viewer. My practice is conceptually lead and has image making at its very core, through the mediums of painting, collage and photography, exploring the themes of human concerns such as identity, sexuality, memory and loss. My primary process consists of alternating back and forth between writing and the above-mentioned mediums. This type of fluidity allows me to reach an outcome through the various transformations caused by their interactions. The act of deconstructing and constructing again is important to me as it aids to identify compositions, establish concepts, and achieve distance. I create images with a simple and clean execution that allows the raw subject matter to dominate, asking for attention about topics that are deemed too frivolous to be acknowledged. The artwork often results in contradicting atmospheres of intimacy and separation, and intentional ambiguity to allow space for an opportunity of connection and closure.



Domnick Sorace was born in 1994, Reggio Calabria, Italy, raised between Italy and Malta. He graduated in 2017 with a B.A. First Class (Honours) Degree in Fine Arts from MCAST Institute of Creative Arts, Malta. In the same year he moved to Co. Carlow, Ireland, where he completed a 9 month work experience in Gallery Administrator & Assistant at VISUAL Centre of Contemporary Art, where he later worked as a Gallery Guide. In 2018, he moved to Dublin where he is currently based as a studio member at The Complex Arts Centre to continue to pursue his artistic practice and career, and is currently working at the Irish Museum of Modern Art as a Visitor Engager. He has exhibited both in Malta and Brussels, with the intention to exhibit in Dublin next.